Plain poppadom £1.00

Spiced onions £1.00

Mango chutney £1.00

Raita (cucumber) £1.50

Yoghurt (plain) £1.25

Special onion salad £1.75

Mixed pickle £1.00



Chicken breast pakora £5.45 

Vegetable pakora £4.45 

Mushroom pakora £4.45 

Chicken tikka pakora £5.95 

King prawn pakora £7.95 

Paneer pakora £4.45 

Fish pakora £5.75 

Onion bhaji £4.45 

Mixed pakora £5.25 

Chef’s platter for 2 £10.95 


King prawn poori £7.95

Chicken poori £4.55

Chana poori £4.55

Prawn poori £4.55

Mince samosa £4.55

Vegetable samosa £4.55


Tandoori chicken £5.25

Chicken tikka £4.95

Lamb tikka £6.45

Tandoori king prawn £7.95

Peri peri tikka £5.25

Tandoori mix £6.45

Chat patey (tandoori wings) £4.25

Chicken tikka garlic tandoori £5.95


Turkish kebab (fillet) £6.45

Reshmi kebab (chicken mince) £4.55

Seekh kebab £4.95


Garlic mushrooms £4.45

Chilli king prawns £7.95


Tandoori chicken (2 breasts) £12.95

Chicken marinated in a sauce & cooked in a 

tandoori clay oven.

Tandoori king prawn £14.95

Prawns marinated in herbs & spices, barbecued

in a tandoor.

Tandoori mix £14.95

Chicken breast, chicken tikka, lamb tikka,

king prawn, seekh kebab & nan bread.

Lamb tikka £14.45

Tender pieces of lamb marinated in a sauce

& cooked in a tandoori clay oven.

Chicken tikka (breast) £12.95

Pieces of chicken, off the bone, marinated in a

sauce & cooked in a tandoori clay oven.

Turkish kebab £14.45

Selected pieces of lamb fillet marinated overnight

then barbecued in a tandoor.

Mixed tikka £14.45

Chicken & lamb tikka.

Chicken tikka garlic tandoori £13.45

Seekh kebab £10.45

Tender lamb mince with onions, herbs & Indian

spices & grilled on charcoal.

Peri peri tikka £12.95

Chicken tikka shashlik £12.95

Chicken mixed with onions, herbs & Pakistani

spices & grilled on charcoal.

All of these dishes are served with salad, rice & curry sauce.



Selected pieces of meat, poultry or king prawn treated

tandoori style. Cooked in special curry sauce topped with

onions, tomatoes, green peppers & touch of mix pickle.

Reshmi masala

This is achieved by cooking meat, poultry or king prawns

in a tandoor with special reshmi masala, then treated in

chasni sauce with mushrooms, green peppers, ground

cashews, topped with almond flakes & fresh coriander.


Marinated in a special tandoori masala, cooked in a

tandoor on slow heat to retain all natural flavours with a

touch of our house wine, mangoes & fresh coriander.

For an extra bite ask for green chillies to be added.

Special grill

First barbecued then cooked with onions, mushrooms &

green peppers on the sizzler. Then flambeed with a fine

cognac to give it that distinctive taste & smell.


Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a

Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice & cream, topped

with cheese.


Handi is the most traditional and widely cooked dish in

Punjab. Prepared with fresh chopped ginger, garlic, black

pepper, garam masala & dry red chopped chilli, garnished

with coriander.


Cooked with the choicest of ingredients & a touch of Scotch whisky,

blended with fresh ground spices, Punjabi masala & fresh coriander.


An elegant art of bhoona sauce is achieved by cooking

selected pieces of chicken tikka style with tropical fruit,

coriander, ginger, garlic, hint of sambuca, and mushrooms.

Medium strength.


Cooked with fresh giner, garlic, onions, mushrooms,

sweetcorn & a touch of brandy. A great deal of experience

goes into preparing this dish. For an extra bite ask for

green chillies.

The above specialities are available in the following:

Chicken tikka £11.45

Tandoori mix £12.95

Lamb £12.45

Vegetable £10.95

King prawns £13.45

Rice and nan extra



These dishes are cooked in Karahi (metal bowl) with the

choicest of ingredients, blended with freshly ground Punjabi

spices, grated fresh ginger & garlic in cumin butter. A great

dish prepared & served in Karahi to the required strength.

Rogan josh

A rich creamy sauce with Punjabi spices.


A rich sauce of spices, mushrooms, capsicums, onions

& tomatoes.


A strong, spicy dish slightly hot & cooked with fresh onions,

capsicums, green chillies, tomatoes & yoghurt. The original

tasty dish.


A spicy curry sauce with mixed peppers and onions.

A traditional favourite from the northern region of India.


Mildly cooked in a sauce using yoghurt, ground cashew nuts,

fresh cream & topped with almond flakes.

Tikka Masala

Marinated & cooked in a Tandoor then cooked in Karahi with

masala sauce, green peppers, garlic & ginger.

Janter Manter’

Bite sized pieces of chicken tikka cooked  with green peppers,

mushrooms, onions & pineapples, blended with warm spices

giving an excellent dish of medium strength.

Tikka Jeera

Cooked with cumin & fresh masala of ginger & garlic.

Finished off with a topping of cumin seeds.

Tikka Chilli Bhoona

A popular dish in Punjab. Cooked with barbecued chicken

prepared with chilli sauce, tomatoes, herbs & coriander.


A strong, spicy & slightly sour dish, cooked with mix pickle,

fresh green chillies & a wedge of lemon.


A tangy, sour & creamy sauce, Cooked with mild spices & a

wedge of lemon.

Tikka Ginger

Karahi style dish cooked with fresh ginger and chillies. Slightly hot.

Mirchi Garm Masala

Tender pieces of barbecued chicken, prepared in a bhoona style sauce with freshly ground green chillies and capsicum,topped with freshly ground garam masalla giving a real mirchi taste. Hot dish

Tikka Masaladar

Cooked tandoori style, blended into a tangy sauce with ground

punjabi spices & green capsicum.Sweet &sour

Tikka Garlic Chilli

Barbecued pieces of meat, cooked in fresh garlic & chilli

sauce with fresh coriander. Finished off with a topping of

garlic flakes.

The above specialities are available in the following:

Chicken tikka £11.45

Tandoori mix £12.95

Lamb £12.45

Vegetable £10.95

King prawns £13.45

Rice and nan extra


Chicken tikka garam masala £11.45

Chicken tikka cooked with diced green pepper,onions

And topped with freshly ground garam masala

Chicken tikka laziza £11.45

Barbecued chicken cooked in yoghurt, creamed coconut

& cheese sauce.

Kashmiri chicken masala £11.45

Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked with fresh cream,

fruit & light spices giving a distinctly rich creamy sauce.

Chicken tikka goan £11.45

Selected pieces of chicken tikka prepared tandoori style &

cooked with prawns, fresh coriander.

Chicken tikka nentara £11.45

Bite size pieces of breast of chicken cooked with capsicums in a medium sauce

A liberal use of fresh coriander & fenugreek greatly

enhance the flavour of this dish.

Chicken with pepper sauce £11.45

Pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy sauce with fresh

ground black pepper.

Chicken tikka chilli masala £11.45

A hot dish with green chillies, capsicums & tandoori paste.

Rice and nan extra


Kashmiri korma

Cooked with fruit, fresh cream, mild spices & herbs.

Traditionally cooked with pineapple but can be changed to

mango or banana on request.

Mirchi korma

Cooked with green chillies, nuts, various spices & herbs.

Bahar korma

Very mild dish cooked with fresh cream, coconut, yoghurt & mixed tropical fruit.

Punjabi korma

Prepared with ground almonds, fresh cream & a touch of fresh coriander. Very mild & tasty.

Sanam korma

Prepared with fresh cream, creamed coconut, fruit, nuts & raisins. Sweet & creamy with a real nutty taste.

Ceylonese korma

By far the most popular Korma dish. Cooked with creamed coconut. Very mild.

Madrasi korma

Delicately spiced with mix pickle and a touch of creamed

coconut & cream.Tangy and creamy

The above specialities are available in the following:

Chicken £9.95

Lamb £11.45

King prawn £13.45

Tandoori mix £13.45

Chicken tikka £11.45

Vegetable £10.95

Rice and nan extra.


Your selected option cooked in lightly spiced fragrant rice with peas and served with curry sauce

Chicken £10.95

Lamb               £12.45

Chicken Tikka    £11.95

Vegetable £10.95

King prawn  £13.95

Tandoori mixed £14.45

Sanam Favourites


Cooked with traditional curry sauce! 

Punjabi masala

Cooked with extra tomatoes, tomato paste, green peppers

& yoghurt. Full bodied dish.


Cooked with split lentils & spices.

Madras or vindaloo

Madras – fairly hot. Vindaloo – extra hot.


Cooked with mango pulp, lemon juice, tomatoes & spices.

Has a sweet & sour taste.


Saag – curry cooked with spinach, herbs & fresh tomatoes.


Cooked with tomatoes & methi in a thick sauce.

Very pleasant.

Dopiaza or mushroom

Cooked with extra fried onions or mushrooms.

The above favourites are available in the following:

Chicken curry £9.95

Tandoori mix curry £12.95

Lamb curry £11.45

Prawn curry £10.45

King prawn curry £13.95

Chicken tikka £11.45

Mince curry £11.45


Potato & cauliflower £5.95

Potato & spinach £5.95

Mushroom bhaji £5.95

Spinach bhaji £5.95

Matter or saag paneer £5.95

Bhoona aloo £5.95

Aloo chana £5.95

Tarka dall £5.95

Mixed vegetable £5:95

Served with main courses as additional dish or as a main course at £3.00 extra.


Chicken Maryland & chips £9.45

Served with a side salad & chips.

Omelette & chips £9.45

Prawn, chicken, tomato, mushroom or cheese.

Served with chips.

Spring roast chicken & chips £9.45

Fried scampi & chips £9.45

Haddock & chips £9.45

Chips £2.25


Boiled basmati rice £2.95

Saffron basmati rice £2.95

Mushroom palao rice £3.25

Vegetable palao rice £3.25

Chicken tikka rice £3.95

Peas palao rice £3.25

Special rice £3.95

Cooked with pineapples, mushrooms & peas.

Egg palao rice £3.25

Punjabi rice £3.95

Cooked with fried onions & green chillies.


Nan bread £2.95

Garlic nan £3.50

Mince nan £3.75

Pashwari nan £3.75

Vegetable nan £3.75

Cheese nan £3.75

Cheese & garlic nan £4.25

Green chilli & coriander nan £4.25

Garlic & green chilli nan £4.25

Plain paratha £2.95

Peshwari paratha £3.50

Mince paratha £3.50

Vegetable paratha £3.50

Plain chapati £1.00

Special chapati £1.25